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17 New JNC Customers Streamline their Job Costing Alongside Sage 50 and Xero

October 20, 2020

We speak to a lot of companies of all different sizes within the construction industry who are looking for job costing software to help streamline their contract and workforce management processes alongside Sage 50 or Xero accounts packages.

TMP Interiors plan to remove duplication
One of our new customers, TMP Interiors Ltd have taken on Construction Manager Professional. As a growing company, TMP Interiors wanted a system to bring all their Sage job costing information into one place. They were spending a lot of time duplicating information between spreadsheets, Sage 50 accounts, Sage CIS and Projects modules. Within the Professional band of our Construction Manager job costing software, the functionality allows the team at TMP Interiors to further breakdown their budgets into areas such as first fix and second fix, for detailed cost analysis on each project.

Nichol Associates got ‘hands on’ with Construction Manager
Another company to welcome to our customer base is Nichol Associates. The Managing Director signed up to our Free Product Tour which gave them 7 days access to the full functionality of Construction Manager. With built-in tutorials on how to use the core of the system Nichol Associates were able to follow a step by step guide covering the benefits that Construction Manager, our cloud-based job costing software would bring to the table.

J Q Property Services needed real-time updates from their workforce
The final company we would like to tell you about in this article is J Q Property Services, who have purchased Maintenance Manager with integration into Xero. The team here had been managing their maintenance contracts and small works with multiple spreadsheets, which was taking a lot of time duplicating between various areas.

In a one-hour, online demonstration we worked with the team at J Q Property to pinpoint the exact functionality they needed from a field service management system to save them time from duplicating between spreadsheets. Maintenance Manager enables them to receive real-time updates from their mobile workforce, and update associated costs to each job.

If you would like to try our Free Product Tour of Construction Manager or would like to have an online demonstration of Maintenance Manager please contact our sales team on 0121 285 0058.

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