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How Construction job costing software is Benefiting Macai LTD

September 27, 2021

Macai Ltd is an interior and fit-out construction company based out of Surrey. They focus on undertaking and delivering a ‘full package’ integrated construction service across the Commercial, Retail, Hotel, Rail, Public and Residential sectors.

To perfect this full package, they work alongside their sister company, Macai Projects Limited, whose area of expertise is structural alterations and builders works packages. The unique way in which they are structured allows them to provide a wide of range of solutions for their clients and manage complex projects.  

What was Macai LTD using before Construction Manager?

Macai were avid spreadsheet users who used a combination of Sage and CMS. However, spreadsheets were becoming excessively time-consuming, as well as a cause for concern as errors were becoming more and more frequent.

Duplications around recording subcontractor hours were becoming a threat to financials, and multiple postings into Sage was a nuisance for Macai. Therefore, they dived into the world of Construction-specific software to find a solution and an upgrade to their current business processes.

How is Construction job costing software going to benefit Macai LTD?

After discovering JNC and Construction Manager, a demo was shortly arranged. Throughout the demo, Macai saw how CM integrates seamlessly with Sage. This means that the implementation timescale would be minimal, as well as reducing errors such as duplicate postings.

They also saw how CM has live reporting, a feature that is extremely helpful in monitoring ongoing projects and ensuring processes are kept within budget.

After the demo, Macai LTD purchased Construction Manager Premium, alongside the Goods Received Notes Purchase Orders app.

We are excited to continue supporting Macai LTD with all their projects in the future!

If you would like to have a detailed chat about our Construction Manager Software with one of our specialists to find a package to work for you, please contact our sales team on 0121285 0058 or

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