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Why these Companies have Chosen Construction Manager for Xero Accounts

September 28, 2023

In such a fast-paced industry, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for success, especially when it comes to your financials. With various challenges, changes and deadlines, construction companies need reliable software that can integrate seamlessly with their accounts package and construction accounting system.

In this article, we discover why these companies have chosen Construction Manager for Xero to manage their project financials and accounting processes.

Pac Decorations

Pac Decorations deliver residential and commercial painting and decorating services in London and the home counties. With over 50 years of experience in the sector, they understand the importance of every individual step within the project process.

Before discovering Construction Manager for Xero, Pac were using spreadsheets, paper documents, and multiple disparate systems alongside Xero to manage their multiple on-going projects and workforce of over 75 field engineers.

They decided that they needed a system which:

  • Had two-way integration with Xero Accounts
  • Handled CIS verification and other subcontractor processes.
  • Removed the need for excel and paper documents.
  • Created a unified environment to connect on-site and back office staff
  • Provided punctual job costing and accurate live reporting.

Pac Decorations entered the market and quickly discovered Eque2’s Construction Manager for Xero where an online demonstration was arranged.

During the demo, Pac saw how Construction Manager is purpose-built for construction businesses, making it highly adaptable to the unique accounting needs of the industry. It includes features to handle applications, retentions, CIS Management and more.

Furthermore, they saw how the software has a unique integration with Xero Accounts, ensuring that financial data flows smoothly between both systems. This seamless integration significantly reduces the chances of errors and enhances overall efficiency.

They seen how Construction Manager for Xero’s subcontractor functionality would allow them to reduce manual work and risk of errors with online CIS verifications, insurance & CSCS tracking as well as the ability to monitor performance ratings and manage subcontracted orders, subcontractor applications, invoice matching, cumulative tracking and self-billing payment certifications.

Pac were also impressed by the reporting functionality of the software which would allow them to produce live reports in real-time at a granular level. With live reporting dashboards, they could see how saw Construction Manager for Xero could help them quickly identify the status of their projects to reduce the risk of them running over budget.

Finally, they viewed the Timesheet App, which allows employees and site managers to enter time sheets for themselves or their team, through any Android or Apple device in real-time, which are then transferred automatically over to Construction Manager and Xero, removing the need to chase, collate, enter or import time sheets manually.

After the demo, Pac Decorations bought Construction Manager for Xero for two companies as well as 75 timesheet app users.

Carter Origin Ltd

Carter Origin is a leading manufacturing company based out of Lancashire who provides materials to the entire UK.

Prior to implementing Construction Manager for Xero, Carter encountered several challenges that hindered their productivity and efficiency such as relying heavily on disparate systems and spreadsheets, resulting in data fragmentation and inefficiencies when retrieving data.

They also heavily relied on manual processes for procurement, client billing, and subcontractor management. This led to time-consuming tasks, increased error rates, and limited visibility into project status.

Therefore, Carter Origin entered the market and discovered Eque2, where a demo was arranged to see Construction Manager for Xero in Action.

The decision to adopt Construction Manager for Xero stemmed from Carter’s pressing need for real-time reporting capabilities. The company had been grappling with labor-intensive manual processes and spreadsheet-based tasks, which proved to be both cumbersome and time-consuming, obstructing their access to immediate insights.

With the integration of Construction Manager for Xero, Carter Origin now possesses the capability to effortlessly generate comprehensive reports spanning procurement, client billing, subcontractor management, and more, all at the touch of a button.

Recognising the necessity of having a robust system in place to support their expanding operations as they continue to grow, Origin Carter proactively implemented Construction Manager for Xero. This strategic move positions them to efficiently handle increased project volumes and address complex reporting requirements well in advance of reaching a critical growth stage.

Carter had specific needs they aimed to fulfill through the adoption of Construction Manager. One of their top priorities involved Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) reporting, which empowers them to accurately track project costs, revenue, and profitability. Construction Manager delivered the essential tools and functionality required to seamlessly meet this demand.

Finally, they saw how the seamless integration Construction Manager and Xero could offer them a unified view of their financials, providing management with a clear understanding of project profitability, cash flow, and overall financial health, also saving time as they no longer had to re-key information between systems.

After the demonstration, Carter Origin LTD purchased Construction Manager for Xero.

To find out more about how construction software for Xero Accounts can benefit your business, click here.

Alternatively, you can register here for a free live online webinar to see Construction Manager in action by clicking here.

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