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Icon Fabrications Ltd save time with online timesheets, and much more

January 15, 2020

Icon Fabrications Ltd are providers of architectural metalwork, glass and steelwork solutions based in Scotland. They offer a full service from initial advice, project planning and design, to manufacturing and installation. They have recently started a new division; Icon Fencing, which specialises in all aspects of timber and metal fencing.


Icon Fabrications are a rapidly growing company along with Icon Fencing. Both companies were using spreadsheets alongside Sage 50 to manage contract costs. Timesheets were also manually entered into both spreadsheets and Sage to keep track and record entries. 


Icon Fabrications were initially looking for something to automate their timesheet process and came across JNC’s construction software solutions.


One of Construction Manager 50cloud’s modules is Online Timesheets. This module allows employees to submit their timesheet via mobile devices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Timesheets are automatically entered in Construction Manager against the correct job for the appropriate person to approve. 


The biggest advantage to Icon Fabrications and Icon Fencing is the ability to efficiently submit timesheets onto a system that can track costings and integrates effortlessly into Sage 50, therefore removing the need to duplicate entry of information into several places. 


Construction Manager 50cloud is also accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the freedom to assess figures from on site. 


Not only have Icon Fabrications got the timesheet software they were looking for, but they have also acquired construction job costing software that can save time with inputting Applications, Retentions, contract management and much more.


To learn more about what Construction Manager 50cloud includes, contact the sales team on 0121 285 0058 or

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