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Lynch goes live on Sage Job Costing Software from JNC within 3 weeks

October 3, 2019

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Contractor goes live on Sage Job Costing Software from JNC within 3 weeks

We’re pleased to announce that Lynch have implemented our Construction Manager 50 job costing software for Sage within just 3 weeks!

Lynch I.E.I Ltd provides the full range of asset design, installation, maintenance and management services to the construction & rail industry. Lynch I.E.I Ltd had been looking for a solution to help manage sales applications, payments and most importantly be able to easily track retention and preferably linked to their accounts package, Sage 50.

Lynch I.E.I Ltd was using Amtech Contract Management software and found that it was not user-friendly and didn’t link to Sage 50, this meant duplicating information between Sage 50 and Amtech Contract Management.

Construction Manager 50 has a seamless integration to Sage 50, this enables companies to reduce the time spent inputting information into several different places.

The team at Lynch I.E.I Ltd watched some of our webinars and were impressed with what they saw. Construction Manager has a similar look, feel and familiarity with Sage 50. The team at Lynch I.E.I Ltd have used Sage 50 for a few years and are very acquainted with how it works.

Lynch had a tight deadline for getting this implemented as the new trading year for them had already started. Lynch I.E.I Ltd has now successfully been installed and had their first training session this week, just 3 weeks from placing the order with us.

If you would like to watch any of our webinars or book in for a live, no-obligation demonstration of our job costing software for Sage, please get in touch with a member of our sales team on

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