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Why this company is moving away from Amtech to Construction Manager

August 4, 2023

 Recently, Amtech customers have approached Eque2 saying that some of their core modules are being discontinued, leaving them with uncertainties about the way they manage their construction accounting processes in the future. 

 “Out-of-date software runs the risk of us losing our vital data” and “We’re worried about what to do next” are only a few of many concerns raised to us by Amtech customers who are looking to move to a new solution. 

 Continue reading to discover why this company, alongside many more, have made the move away from Amtech to Eque2’s market-leading construction software. 

Mitchian Group: Who are they and what challenges were they facing? 

Mitchian Group is a multi-disciplined commercial building contractor specialising in high-rise apartment blocks, commercial and retail developments. Established as a family-owned business in 2008 and expanding into a nationally-recognised contractor, Mitchian has completed over 150 projects in the last 15 years. 

In the past, Mitchian were using Amtech to manage their construction accounting processes. However, Amtech’s modules never truly fit them, and Mitchian resorted to managing the bulk of their processes manually in spreadsheets. 

This caused many data silos to crop up, and performing tasks such as reporting on current projects became a week-long task. 

The announcement of Amtech’s discontinued modules pushed Mitchian to enter the market to find another solution to manage their construction accounting processes. 

They identified their core needs, and needed their next solution to: 

  • Centralise all financial information and move away from spreadsheets. 
  • Had integrations into their existing accounts package (Xero). 
  • Produce an array of key reports such as WIP, Cost VS Budget, etc.
  • Track the status of hired plant to avoid overspend. 
  • Improve their manual invoice approval processes. 

With their needs identified, Mitchian Group entered the market. 

Eque2’s Construction Manager and Mitchian Group 

Shortly after entering the market, Mitchian discovered Eque2’s Construction Manager and an online demonstration was arranged. 

During the demo, Mitchian saw how Construction Manager provides a single entry point for all transactions and offers the functionality to streamline their contract management and job costing needs with two-way integration into Xero Accounts. 

Mitchian then viewed how they could track their contract budgets and costs in real time using Construction Manager’s advanced reporting functionality. They saw how they could generate pre-defined or custom reports such as live WIP (Work In Progress), Budgets VS Actuals and more at a click of a button.

They were shown how they could see the true impact of plant costs on their contracts using Construction Manager’s plant hire functionality. This would allow them to record plant orders, view what’s currently on/off-site and receive overspend warnings alongside accrued costs.  

Mitchian was then introduced to Construction Manager’s Approval Module. This module would allow them to automate the process of approving new or amended documents including Purchase Orders, Timesheets and Invoices, saving them significant amounts of time and reducing the need to organise paper documents.  

Finally, Mitchian saw Construction Manager’s Mobile Apps. These mobile apps were: 

  • Timesheets: This would allow Mitchian employees and site managers to enter time sheets for themselves or their team, through any smartphone in real-time, which are then transferred automatically over to Construction Manager, removing the need to chase, collate, enter or import timesheets manually. 
  • Purchase Orders allows users to raise purchase orders from their phone when off-site in real-time, removing the need to chase colleagues in the office. 

After the demo, Mitchian Group Acquired: 

  • Construction Manager Premium for Xero Accounts 
  • Approvals Module
  • Construction Manager Mobile Apps 

Your Next Steps  

Are you currently an Amtech user and are evaluating your options?   

By being proactive and taking steps now, you can minimise the impact of Amtech being discontinued on your business and continue to operate efficiently and effectively.   

To help make your transition easier, we have created a free, online, personalised demo where you can see how our software can upgrade your existing processes. To watch this demo, click here.   

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