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Discover how implementing EValuate estimating software alongside Construction Manager cloud can help improve your Accounts, Estimating and Commercial Management processes.

EValuate estimating software has been designed to help you describe measure and price your jobs with as little duplication of effort as possible to produce fast, accurate and consistent tenders – ultimately improving productivity which can lead to your business winning more work.

With integration between EValuate and Construction Manager Cloud the software sends over won estimates as a contract with budgets set automatically, removing the need to re-key information between systems.

Sign up to our live webinar Thursday 18th June at 11am to see the software in action.

Sign up to a live webinar

Sign up to our live webinar to see how adding EValuate Estimating software can improve your estimating processes and enable faster set-up and greater detail in job costing.

EValuate Benefits


When Estimating you will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily produce Bills of Quantities manually or populate with content from previous jobs, templates, your own libraries or Laxton’s Priced Libraries
  • Perform a fast, accurate On-Screen Take-off from all file types, with live links between the mark-up and the bill
  • Import Bills of Quantities from Excel, price them up, then export back into the original Excel format with your rates populated
  • Main contractors can issue enquiries, drawings & revisions to subcontractors

Commercial Management

We can help you with Commercial Management:

  • Manage tender adjudication process with reports and control of margins giving you the confidence to bid competitively
  • Produce quality tenders in the client’s own bill or your own branded documents
  • Benchmark by rate, element, or project to help you manage risk and protect your margins


The Finance processes will benefit as you can

  • Save time as the job, client and budgets are automatically sent to Construction Manager Cloud following a won estimate removing the need to manually set up tender codes.
  • Get more from your Construction Manager Cloud reports by using more tender codes, or group the job into phases or elements.

Integrating with Construction Manager Cloud

  • Jobs are created automatically with address and contact details, and are linked to existing customer, or newly created ones, all based on details in the Estimate
  • Tender Codes and Groups are populated automatically based on Resource Types and Bill Sections or Elements in the Estimate
  • Budgets are populated based on the resource rates and quantities that were allowed for in the Estimate

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