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There is no doubt that implementing new software can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be when you are organised and choose the right partner. Here is what to expect from your implementation project with Eque2, with some tips to ensure you get the most out of the process.

Step 1 - Handover to Customer Success

By now, you will have spent considerable time discussing your project with our team. Those conversations including your business requirements, current pain points and project goals will be documented by our team and will be handed over to our Customer Success team to ensure a seamless continuity of service.

Step 2 - Introduction to Customer Success

Once you are ready to begin the project, you can easily schedule an introduction and setup session with our Customer Success team.

TIP – Use our online booking system to co-ordinate dates with your team’s availability.

Step 3 - System Configuration

We begin the project with some Business Analysis. This helps our team to understand more about your specific processes and goals for the project and will help our team to configure the software to suite your specific needs.

TIP – Check you have touched base with all stakeholders and understand how they need to interact with the system and have details of any reports they may need to generate.

Step 4 - Training

Training your users is a critical step to ensuring you achieve your goals, and we have many ways that your team can get up to speed and confident using the system including a calculated mix of dedicated training sessions with a consultant, on-demand training videos, online help guides and in-product interactive tours.

TIP – Check your team’s holiday plans. Do you have all stakeholders available for the training dates?

Step 5 - Wrap up and Go-Live

Any outstanding questions or tweaks to your configuration can be captured during dedicated wrap up and go live sessions. You can set the agenda for these sessions and ensure we pick up specific scenarios discussed by your team during the training stage.

Step 6 - Ongoing Support and Training

Don’t worry if we haven’t captured every scenario during your onboarding stage. You can benefit from ongoing support with our dedicate support team. You will also retain access to all our great help guides, training videos and in-product yours ensuring any new starters can be onboarded and up and running in no time.

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