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Why Prepare for WorkflowMax’s Retirement?

May 9, 2023

The News about WorkflowMax Replacement

Are you seeking an alternative to WorkflowMax?

As you’re already aware, Xero is retiring WorkflowMax. The last day of access to the product will be 26th June 2024. With the retirement of the product, Xero has informed its customers to adopt alternative job and project management platforms to manage their business operations. This means businesses like yours must search for alternative solutions for managing workflows, time tracking, invoicing, and reporting. To ensure ongoing jobs and projects are managed effectively, it is crucial to implement a new platform as quickly as possible to avoid downtime or disruptions during this transition.

The Retirement of WorkflowMax

The retirement of WorkflowMax can seem daunting, especially if your business has been using the software for a long time and has built up a lot of data and processes within the system. It is critical to know that you cannot migrate your existing data from WorkflowMax onto a new platform. To prevent information loss, it is strongly advised that you export your WorkflowMax data to a CSV or XML spreadsheet to store your company’s information. To ensure you carry out this process correctly, please refer to Xero’s data export guide.

An Alternative to WorkflowMax

A month out from retirement, it is essential to implement an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. This is where Eque2’s cloud-based solutions can help. We provide cloud-based job costing, project, and maintenance management software that directly integrates with your existing Xero accounts and is designed to help businesses streamline their processes, from scheduling and tracking work orders to managing assets and inventory.

Construction Manager and Maintenance Manager are great alternatives for businesses that need to manage their workforce and field service operations and are looking for a reliable and user-friendly software solution. Our software is loaded with features such as asset tracking, work order management, inventory management, and reporting, as well as a dedicated mobile app that allows your engineers to access and update information related to their jobs on the go. Transitioning to our cloud-based software can help your business implement a WorkflowMax replacement by providing a solution that is easy to use, customisable, and flexible. As a Xero accredited Partner, we provide direct integration into Xero accounts, making the transition to a new system easier than ever.

Our Onboarding Process

We make it easy to adopt our solutions. Our professional services and onboarding team provide you with expertise at your fingertips to help your team adopt your Construction Manager or Maintenance Manager software. Our seamless onboarding processes helps to manage the installation and configuration, while also providing easy-to-follow training sessions, enabling your business to reap the benefits of job and project management software. With online guides, video content readily available from the early stages of implementation, and interactive in-program walkthrough technology to support your self-guided learning to help you adopt Construction Manager and Maintenance Manager as quickly as possible.

Your Next Steps to Transitioning From WorkflowMax

If your business uses WorkflowMax, it’s important to implement a solution now to avoid disruptions to your operations. By not implementing a solution before last day of access could cause a detrimental effect on your ongoing jobs and projects. Taking steps now, you can minimise the impact of WorkflowMax’s retirement on your business and continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

To help make your transition easier, we have created a free, online, personalised demo where you can see how our software can upgrade your existing processes. To watch this demo, click here.

To learn more about why Eque2 is already the UK’s and Ireland’s market-leading construction accounting, field service and workforce management software provider, click here.

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