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Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager for Sage and Xero accounts is a fully functional system to simplify the management and administration of maintenance repair and service works. Designed to be easy to use and fast to operate, Maintenance Manager provides a single entry point for all transactions. 

With unified integration to Construction Manager, you will have one place to deal with all your maintenance management and job costing information, giving you the freedom to invoice straight from a job sheet! Also accessible from a mobile device for onsite engineers.


Why do you need maintenance/small works software?

Maintenance Manager is a cloud-based solution that you can access it from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection that is designed for small and medium sizes companies that deal with regular maintenance and small works. 

No more paper job sheets

Send electronic job cards directly to your onsite workers mobile app. They can take photos, raise purchase orders, complete forms and obtain customer signatures all from their mobile, which is sent back to the office in real time.

Schedule and track your workforce

Replace the whiteboard with our online planner. Drag and drop to allocate time to jobs and onsite employees. Engineers can only accept jobs when they have arrived at the location, enabling you to track who is on what job and for how long.

Invoice Straight from the job sheet

Once a job is completed the details are fed back to the office enabling the generation of invoices to the customer faster and more accurately than before. The profitability of each job and customer can now be tracked at the click of a button.

Never miss a service again

Record and track all of your equipment and service jobs with our equipment register. Record product details and service history all in one place. All accessible from the mobile app.

See how Maintenance Manager can benefit you

Mobile Manager

Have your workforce access all the information they need at their fingertips with Mobile Manager. Send job information directly to your worker’s phone, then, once a job is complete, receive details in your back office enabling the generation of invoices. 

MM -mobilemanager

Equipment Register

Easily manage service jobs by importing existing equipment and service schedules. Automatically process planned service visits with the related equipment required. By directly communicating with Mobile Manager, service details for each item of equipment can be recorded and a service history can be viewed. 


Replace your whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets with an integrated resource planner to manage labour, subcontractors and plant. The planner module allows you to relay job information to the Mobile Manager App and built-in clash detention ensures you nothing has been duplicated. 

Digital job cards

Job details can be sent directly to your engineer’s mobile device using Mobile Manager. Jobs can be accepted, declined then marked as travelling, on-site, on hold, cancelled and completed by onsite engineers. Job information, such as contact and phone number, work to be carried out and also the site address, can be sent to your engineers. 

Link to Xero / Construction Manager for invoicing

Utilise powerful functionality with direct integration into Xero Accounts. You can automatically produce invoices from job sheets, which can be amended and a fixed price, product invoice or a schedule of rates can be used. You can raise and track invoices for a multi or single jobs which are seamlessly pulled through to Xero. 

Watch a Demo

Watch a short online demo which is personalised to your challenges to see how our dedicated small works/maintenance software can help you to manage the administration of your planned and reactive maintenance works anywhere on any device.


Which Maintenance Manager version is right for me?

Easy to manage, adaptable and accurate – it has worked well for us. Everyone I’ve dealt with such as sales, onboarding and support have made the process smooth and easy. Hats off to the JNC team – they’re attentive, very knowledgeable and don’t mind going the extra mile.

Ray - Procurement Manager

We needed a better solution for transferring information to our mobile technicians. Mobile manager has helped us improve efficiency, ensuring our technicians get the information they require to carry out the work, and the back office gets the information it requires. This has enabled our customers to get the information they require faster.

Dominic Snook - Meddo

It makes paperwork so much easier, not having to spend hours of a Saturday morning pulling all costs into a spreadsheet, I can put the lads labour invoices on when they come in on my phone and take photos of any material I buy.

Foster Joinery Ltd

It is very easy to raise reactive jobs as and when they come in with an auto generated number specific to that job. Same with raising quotations for customers – easy to download into a PDF format to forward on. Overall, does what it needs to do and works well.

Brogan - ATS

Just a note to say …..Thank you! I have just completed my PAYE tax year end and it has to be the easiest yet, and I’ve been doing them for 31 years! Your reporting system for Subcontractors made it so easy to reconcile the HMRC payments. Thank you!

Linda Porter - Ford Civil Engineering

We import to Xero from JNC which our other software would not. We can drill down and sort and search jobs in JNC – It’s much better!

Dave M - Alpha Services
Alpha Services

Construction Manager has become our core business system and because it is fully integrated with Sage Accounts we only need to enter transactions once. Instead of having to manage spreadsheets we can now look at Job Cost reports immediately. The system also enables us to easily monitor outstanding applications for payment and retentions which used to be a real headache and it makes completing CIS returns very straightforward. I don’t know how we managed without it!

Craig Sutherland - HW Energy

Ease of use when starting, and all users find this an effective part of the business. It keeps all quotations and information in one place and does exactly as was described.

Keith R - Nichol Associates Limited
Nichol Associates Limited

Excellent. Extremely user friendly portal, fluid fields for data entry with helpful videos. Particularly impressed by the first class technical and customer support. Asset Management is a robust tool.

Ceris W - Fibre First Ltd
Fibre First Ltd

We’re very pleased with the construction Manager software which we have been using now for over 3 years. Prior to this keeping a track of applications and retentions was a nightmare. The CM software pulls it all together and keeps the process of costing against contracts so much easier. It’s now even easier since we implemented the timesheet module allowing operatives to enter their time via the mobile app. Your support are excellent and a credit to business.

Billy Skipper - Shaun Matthias

Construction Manager has provided a huge increase in the effectiveness of cost management, with multiple users able to access immediate data for reporting purposes. We have found the helpline to be effective in helping us through implementation and ongoing maintenance in a friendly and efficient manner. JNC are keen to resolve any problems and keep us well informed . I am happy to recommend CM50 and the Maintenance Module.

Kevin Hayes - Construction Manager - Barry Stewart & Sons Limited

It’s very easy to use, and plenty of training was provided by JNC. I like that the POs are linked to invoices, and how reports provide a lot more information than I had been getting from our previous software. Construction Manager works very well with Sage 50. The JNC team are great, and made the implementation process very easy.

Carrie - Group Accountant

It has really helped me manage costs in our business, and as we continue to expand it is proving to be vital. Customer service is very good from everyone we’ve spoken with.

Georgina - Office Manager

I use JNC Construction Manager for job costing. The filter function enables me to filter between jobs, suppliers, customers etc. Now when my boss asks me about job costing for a particular job, it’s all there at the touch of a button. We’ve never really been able to do job costing but now we can keep an eye on jobs throughout, with a clear view of profit etc. right to the end. Support from the onboarding and support teams has been excellent!

Debbie P - Company Secretary

Best spent £15 a month, which I can claim back at the end of the year anyway! I send quotes out sat in the van after I have been to look at the job, talk about looking efficient!

MDW Plumbing & Heating

Construction Manager really makes tracking invoices, receipts, and purchase orders a very simple process. It’s made it easy for me to enter purchase orders and invoices ready for our accountant to access all the information they need to complete our VAT returns, etc.

Nicky - PA to the Directors

We knew we needed a better solution for our mobile engineers. Mobile Manager has helped us to improve efficiency, reduce cost and ensure each step of the costing and invoicing process is implemented in good time with little or no errors. It has eliminated a lot of our paper processes which lessens back-office procedures and improves service to our customers as well.

Cindy Payne - R.F. Blount & Sons Ltd

We have been using Construction Manager with Sage since 2007 and we are pleased with the ease of use. The software links seamlessly with Sage. The Job activity can be easily accessed by our Contracts team, and there appears to be no limit to how many can access at one time. The support team are ever helpful, and will log onto our computers to rectify.

Linda Fitz-Johnson - Burfitt & Garrett Ltd

The product is intuitive to use and the help and support to integrate the new software was outstanding. We had a good relationship with support, who provided outstanding care and instructions, making our transition seamless.

Jasmine - Administrator

We have used CIS Manager built and supported by JNC since 2006.  We have found the software to be very useful especially with the job costing and the CIS Tax responsibilities.  We have had great assistance and guidance from JNC over all these years and are more than happy to recommend JNC and CIS manager to other construction companies.

Christine Johnstone - Construction Manager, Stone Construction
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