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Our Online Timesheet and Supplier Purchase Orders Module allows your subcontractors to input their time sheets and purchases on a smart phone which are then sent to you for approval. Once approved, this information then feeds into Construction Manager and updates all of your job costing and budgeting automatically.

Mobile Purchase Orders

Online Purchase orders allows supplier purchase orders to be raised online and emailed directly to the supplier from a laptop or mobile phone. This means orders can be raised on site if there is an internet connection ( ideal for site managers ) or at a trade counter on a mobile phone. This enables the office to account for and track what has been ordered before the invoice comes in.


Mobile Labour Timesheet Module


The mobile timesheet has been designed to replace the hand-written timesheet with a modern online timesheet entered by the user on their mobile phone.

This mobile Module is easy to use on a mobile phone or tablet. Users get a timesheet each week to enter jobs, dates and times where they have worked.

Details are then stored in the office straight away, the office can then check and make any corrections before approving and locking the timesheet for processing.

The Online purchase orders and Time sheet module allows everything to be up to date without having to chase different people for information, makes everything so much easier!

Laura at Quadriga Concepts

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