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This online Module allows you to create quotes and Sales orders from anywhere with a internet connection.

Are you looking for a way to create well presented quotes to send to potential customers without having to renter the information once the contract is won?

JNC Solutions have been developing construction specific software for over 25 years. All our solutions have been developed specifically for smaller businesses across the Construction Industry. All of our software is fully integrated with Sage50 and designed with a similar look and feel the software is easy to use and quick to deploy. Essential for companies introducing new systems and technology.

JNC Solutions online quotes module gives you a starting point for all contracts. Once a quote has been entered you can then create a sales order, a contract will be automatically set up in either Maintenance Manager 50 or Construction Manager 50 to proceed with the project management.

The Quotes module allows you to manage quote lists and pipeline and convert quotations into sales invoices and Contracts at the click of a button. Quotes are easily built up of standard products, text and editable cost price, sales price and margin. Easily customise layouts and terms and conditions to your specification.


It is very easy to raise active jobs as and when they come in. with an auto generated number specific to that job. Same with raising quotations for customers – easy to download into a PDF format to forward on. Overall, does what it needs to do and works well!!

Brogan at ATS

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